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Since I was a school kid, I always loved writing. I have been a journalist for a few years, but storytelling has always been my true passion. In 2015 I started a narrative experiment called Alter Ego that changed my life and brought me where I am now.

My writing style is compact and direct. I love mixing real stories and characters with the ones I create in my (just a little bit insane) mind. Alter Ego: My Journey Beyond Human Boundaries is a clear example of this. Many real characters that lived in the eighteenth century mix their life with the one of Ariel, the protagonist of this esoteric adventure. It took more than two years to study the lives of people like Giacomo Casanova, King Louis XVI, Montesquieu, and many of those who sparked the French Revolution.

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Alter Ego
My journeys beyond human boundaries

A Bestseller in Italy, finally available in English!
For months in the first places of the Fantasy and Science Fiction charts

France, 1745. A boy wakes up in a forest on the outskirts of Paris with no memory of his past.
Through a fortuitous accident, he discovers he possesses an inexplicable power: the ability to transmigrate into the bodies of others. The young man turns his singular gift into a sinister profession at the service of the Freemasons and other powerful figures of eighteenth-century France, his life intertwining with famous characters of the time.
In an increasingly fast-paced adventure that spans more than a century, he finds himself caught up in many historical events, including the French Revolution.
Alter Ego takes us on exotic journeys involving sex, ill-fated love, high-ranking friendships and powerful enemies who plot in the shadows. Culminating in a final twist, the book has an enjoyable esoteric flavor and gives us a glimpse into one of the darkest periods of history.

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Giuliano Golfieri is a forty-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Milan, Italy, the city in which he was born and raised, and which is still his home. He has spent time living and working in the US, London and Rome.
His various passions in life have led him into different professions: journalist, musician, programmer and pilot.
Having always been passionate about technology, he never misses an opportunity to travel and has a great love of nature and animals.
His fascination for esotericism, history and the occult, combined with ideas nurtured over the years, have resulted in the creation of his debut novel ‘Alter Ego: My journeys beyond human boundaries’.

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